Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Raven, the Howl and Gundam in a yuri scenario

I'm about to disappear, or more likely I'll continue not to appear. The reason is that I haven't put to use my spear time during holidays to continue drawing and tomorrow school will re-start bringing with her a new exams session. How fun!
Well... before I'll horribly die due to the excess of school work I've decided to update one last illustration. This time the title is quite explicative, or at list for me...
As you can see I've tried some new technique like to remove the profile line in some part of the image and to put a lot of colors apparently at random, of course I'm joking the colors are absolutely well considered and balanced.
What else to say... happy new year, I wish you plenty of time full of joy, friends, alcohol and so.