Wednesday, March 6, 2013

She said "boobs"

A girl ask me a drawing for commission: an undead female warrior. I said "I hate to draw armors"she answer "A pair of boobs will be enough" so here they are.
If I'll have courage I'll upload on Tweeria this picture too, we'll se if people like it ^^
(I know it's not on the same style of the other one but I'm totally unable to make two similar drawings in a row)

Monday, March 4, 2013

A mysterious huntress

I've done the fist fantasy artwork of my life (if I don't consider the awful drawings of my childhood)!
I've been inspired by a new game I'm playing on twitter, it's named Tweeria and is the laziest RPG game I've ever seen. I totally love it. It's just about to loggin and continue to tweet like always: your character will do all by himself. Brilliant.
So... I make a drawing of a "faceless huntress" one of the races of the game... I hope Tweeria's Team will accept my submission, it would be very funny to see it on the "market".