Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tentacles and deers

Have you all spent a nice christmas eve, etc? I've received a lot of comics and books for christmas, after that I'll have things to read till April. I've promised myself to draw more during this holidays but of course I've done nothing. However some few weekes ago I had some inspiration and I drew a strange illustration about what you can see above. I've also took some picture of the various steps of coloration because I've a dear friend who have patiently explained me that if I update just one in a month and moreover there's only a picture people will get bored soon... so this time I hope you will demonstrate a bit of enthusiasm...

I don't know which one of the two finals is better, perhaps the one without "eyes"...

PS. If you have recently done strange dreams or you want a portrait or dunno contact my, I'm looking for subjets. (no fee required)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adventure in your own backyard

Today is a very special day, not only because I've finally decided to update a new drawing, but mostly because there's a specific reason if I've chose december 13th to do it.
This drawing have been loosely based on a friends of mine and today it's his birthday, so I hope he will read this post: "Bonne fĂȘte Mr. D!"
I've started to draw that picture when I was in Montréal (a long time ago) and it has take me several weeks to finish to color it... I was never satisfied and I've re-started the entire coloration three times... Still I'm not satisfied of the results, but it was time to end it.
There a link to a track from Patrick Watson that I love to listen when I think about MTL.